TI METALS is located in Ticino, Switzerland and started in 2011 with the intention to offer a highly professional service to national and international operators which are active in the trading of precious metals and coins.

The long and consolidated experience of our management in this sector, allows us to customize our services according to the requirements of the counterpart: professional skills, flexibility and quick answers are our strong points.
We address principally to operators in this sector, trust companies, asset managers, family offices, private referenced.

The main services offered by TI METALS SA are:

  • Purchase and processing of used jewelry, scrap and finishings from manufacturing of precious metals
  • Purchase and transformation of pure gold, from banks and not
  • Melting service, analysis and refinery of all materials containing precious metals
  • Trading of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium both at Fixing and in real-time
  • Investment gold: purchase and selling of bank ingots and auree coins
  • Consultation in the trading of numismatic coins
  • Evaluation of family assets
  • Consultation in the trading of exclusive watches
  • Reparation service of jewelry
  • Management and commercial consultation for companies which are active in the processing and in the commercializing of metals for investment and of products with precious metals
  • Management in import/export logistics

At TI Metals we treat our customers as partners: our goal is to create commercial long-term relations, committed to act responsibly, proactively and with transparency aiming for a win-win relationship to the advantage of everybody.

Regulatory Framework
TI Metals is registred and operative in Switzerland (company identification number CHE-335.927.040), and we are subjected to Swiss legislation for all our assets.
We are operators in the trading of precious metals and therefor the regulatory framework outlining our activities is:

  • the law controlling the trading and manufacturing of precious metals, outlined by the Precious Metals Control (controllo–metalli–preziosi.admin.ch/ , which determines the modalities of import/export of items containing precious metals
  • the anti money laundering law and the financing of terrorism (LRD), defining us financial intermediaries and therefor subject to supervision of FINMA regarding the money laundering (ORD-FINMA).

As required by the law on money laudering we are affiliates to an independent organisation of self-discipline, OAD Polyreg, acknowledged and authorized by FINMA, which is the authority of reference regarding the control of money laundering.

An annual review by an independent certified OAD Polyreg auditor, makes an annual review, certifying our actions in the respect of the Swiss regulations: all audit reports are available to our partners.

TI Metals comply to their obligations of Due Diligence (knowledge, identification and storage of the information related to the customers), giving attention to the discretion and the respect for the privacy.

The ongoing education of our management permits us to constantly update our procedures of Due Diligence according to the latest regulations, which provides the gathering, the verification and the storage of all the information inherent to the counterparty (identification) and to the existing or future business relation.

The opening up of a new business relation is depending on the gathering and verification of the documents which our team will request from time to time.

All the provided information will be protected and treated with utmost attention and discretion according to the Swiss data Privacy law.