The purchase of physical gold is easy and confidential and it gives the opportunity to choose between a great number of products, according to the amount you wish to invest.

Invest in gold

These are the principal benefits of having gold in your Portfolio

  • There is no counterparty risk: physical gold remains in your hands, you can decide at any moment if you want to keep it or sell it;
  • The possession of physical gold isn’t bound to the logics and the national politics related to the banks;
  • Gold is a global currency, it is liquid and easily fungible;
  • In the case of a high inflation, owning gold is an asset protection guarantee;
  • Gold is preserved over time and in the long term, it is always revalued.


Ingots are available in the following weights:

2 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 50 – 100 grams – the ingots are minted, certified and blister packed
250 – 500 – 1000 grams – melted ingots with certificate
All our ingots are produced and commercialized by refineries with the highest standard of refinement, acknowledged by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a commercial association in the trading of professional ingots.
Generally, these ingots are named “good delivery” which means, that in case of an eventual resale, if correctly preserved, they get accepted and purchased by financial intermediaries (banks, professional operators) without the requirement of having them go through the whole working process and therefore without any additional costs.

Gold coins

Gold coins are principally divided in two groups: numismatic coins and gold coins used for investment.

The value of the numismatic coins is both bound to the value of the gold and to the intrinsic characteristics of the peculiar coin (such as rarity, year of coinage) and the current demand.

We collaborate with well known experts within the numismatic sector who can give you useful information related to the evaluation of coins in your possession and/or offer their advice for the purchase.

The value of the gold coins used for investment on the contrary, is bound to the content of gold in the single piece and to the market demand.

TI Metals SA always has a wide range of the major gold coins for investment for prompt delivery and they can help you to diversify your Portfolio giving you the best advices in the choice of the product.

Availability: English gold Pounds, Swiss-Italian-French-Austrian Marengo, Krugerrand, 20 and 10 American Dollars, Mexican 50 Pesos, and others on demand.

The quotation follows the trend of the price of gold but we can guarantee that the Agio is very competitive for every single product: please contact us, you can try it for yourself!

Resale guaranteed

We give our customers the opportunity to resell their products, at any moment, at privileged market agreements.
TI Metals is able to withdraw the sold products, allowing you to get a major profit from the fluctuations of the price of the metals.