We offer an elevated standard service in the sector of precious metals..
Guaranteeing expertise and efficiency, aiming to create confident long-term relationships with our clients.

Evaluation and purchase

TI Metals is able to evaluate and purchase any material containing precious metals.
This service is addressed both to professional operators in the sector and to private buyers who wants to monetize their assets.
We guarantee expertise, transparency and confidentiality during the whole length of the operation.

TI Metals SA is relying on experienced coworkers and partners able to carry out evaluations, surveys and manufacturings on different objects and materials containing precious metals (gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium) such as:

  • Scrap (jewelry, wreckage, medals etc)
  • Coins
  • Ingots/Bars
  • Dental material
  • Powder and nuggets from extraction
  • Trash, finishings and ashes (from laboratories, producers etc)




Work processes

In order to guarantee the best possible cost efficient output and shorter process time to our customers, we rely on specialized partners for the refining of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Our partners use the most advanced technologies for the manufacturing of the precious metals and they rely exclusively on sworn assayers educated and supervised by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control in Switzerland.
The use of new technologies and industrial automations allows us to simplify and speed up the work, ensuring the maximum safety both for the operator and for the environment.


The melting is the process which homogenizes the material in order to obtain a highly representative sample which is the basis for the following processes of analysis and refining.

The choice of the technique of homogenization depends on the properties of the materials.


In order to determine the title, or the amount of precious metals contained, we cooperate with a modern laboratory able to perform any kind of chemical and metallurgical analysis.

Each analysis is performed and certified by sworn assayers of Precious Metals which are bound to work diligently (Federal act for the control of precious metals, art. 32) and supervised by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control in Switzerland.


The refining is the procedure which sepair and isolate the noble metals contained in the resulting bar from the melting process.

The features of the material determine the choice of treatment to use, the most common methods are the inquartation method, electrolytic refining, the dissolution in aqua regia with chemical selective reduction or through the Miller process, better known as chlorination process.


Our direct relationships with the primary banking institutes in Switzerland gives us the opportunity to offer a real time negotiation of precious metals compared to the actual principal markets of reference, which guarantees you a competitive price.
During office hours you are welcome to contact us for spot quotations and/or for orders at London Fixing (the London Bullion Market Association determines and publishes internationally the price of gold according to the supply and demand on the market).

Mon-Fri from 08:30 to 17:30

Mon-Fri order before 11:00

Mon-Fri order before 15:30

Consultations and surveys

Thanks to the professional qualification and to the network of relationships TI Metals is able to offer consultance services to companies within the gold sector and to others interested in the world of gold to find out the best financial management and organisation solutions and thus help you enter competitively on the market.

  • Assistance for the development of new company and business activities on the territory.
  • Support service to companies and traders in the sector who wish to optimize and amplify their business
  • Surveys and support to private persons for the evaluation of valuables, inherited patrimonies, opening up of safe deposit boxes


We cooperate and are accredited with the best transport and logistic companies in the sector of precious metals; we can offer a complete service with elevated security standard.

We are able to organize transports to and from TI Metals from anywhere in the world, included full insurance clause in the name and on behalf of our client.